5 Benefits of Uniform in the Workplace – by Guest Blogger Asha from RTL Wear

Here’s a few pointers on the benefits of work clothing for your clients…

Uniforms and dress codes are standard practice in many workplaces worldwide but why is there a need to define work clothing? Here are 5 benefits of implementing uniforms and dress codes in the workplace:

  1. Identity – Your work clothing can be unique to your brand making you instantly recognisable as a person of a certain profession. It can make your brand logo more memorable and people will start to associate aspects of the uniform such as colour or style with your brand. If your employees travel to work in your uniform, you also gain a bit of free advertising. From a customer service aspect, your uniform can help them quickly identify a member of staff when they need to.
  2. Trust Authority – In relation to the first point, people tend to trust uniformed workers more, as it makes them easily recognisable as an authority figure in that area.
  3. Image – You only get one chance to make a first impression and often the way you look is it. A smart appearance instantly creates a good impression but you still need to be dressed appropriately for your field. It could be argued that unless you are customer facing, there is no need for a uniform. However it may still be useful to at least implement a dress code so employees are aware of what work clothing is acceptable whilst still having freedom to wear what they like. Plus, in dynamic businesses meetings can arise without warning so already being prepared could be the difference between getting the client and not. If you don’t want to pledge to full office wear everyday, you could keep ties, shirts etc in a draw just in case.
  4. Productivity – It has been suggested that wearing a uniform or keeping to a dress code helps employees get into a working mindset as they associate clothes of that style with work and their own casual clothes with social activities.
  5. Protection – This is more of a legal point. Some occupations carry risks for both employees and customers. As a result, the work clothing of some occupations is defined in order to incorporate personal protective equipment and to meet Health & Safety standards.

Written by Asha at RTL Wear www.rtlwear.co.uk

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