Slogan tees can be seen everywhere right now. From celebs to the general public, we are all in love with their simplicity and hint of attitude!  It’s never been easier to make a statement without having to say a word.

Producing this on-trend style is relatively easy. Slogans are typically a simple block font positioned on the front of a plain T-Shirt. The Kustom Kit Fashion Fit Tee is the perfect shape for this contemporary look. Plus, it can be decorated any way you like.

Festival season is just around the corner, so there’s no better time to get creative.

Share your designs with us on social media, we’d love to see them!

KK754 Fashion Fit Tee printed with Easy Flex from Xpres

Fit for purpose

Large corporate businesses employ staff for a variety of functions, from office workers to cleaners. This provides a wide scope of opportunities when supplying uniforms. The Kustom Kit collection is the toolbox you need to offer garments suitable for each and every purpose. From premium shirting to classic polos, there is a style for everyone.

Joining the dots

Staff need to look united even if they are wearing different styles.  Complementary male and female styles are an easy way to achieve this. Offering the same colour across all uniforms is also an effective way to create team identity. As Kustom Kit’s colour palette is so varied, offering a selection of garments of the same colour is simple.


Embellishment of the company logo immediately lifts any garment. Be sure to explain all possible decoration techniques to the buyer and together decide on the best method for each styles.

High resolution front and back shots of EVERY style in EVERY colour are now available to download.

Using the latest technology and invisible mannequins has produced stunning shots with crisp colours and flattering shapes.

Great ways to use these new shots…

  • The new front and back shots can be uploaded onto your website to show the vast range of styles and colours available.
  • You can produce a flyer of your best selling garments and use them to inspire purchases.
  • Publish your favourites on your social media accounts for your customers to see.
  • Create a mock up visual featuring your customers artwork – great for including with your quotations!

Bring it to life with a model shot

There is also an image of every style being worn by a model. These full length, fashion retail inspired images are also perfect for a host of marketing communications.

Identify your customers

The hospitality industry is a growing market, varying from hotel chains through to independent cafés. First impressions count for a lot in this sector and well presented staff go a long way to influence this. Uniforms are therefore high on the agenda for business owners / managers. Have a look around your local area to identify potential customers, you may be surprised at how many you discover.

Range of garments

The Bargear collection is a selection of stylish yet functional uniforms, tailored specifically for the hospitality sector and perfect for personalising with logos. It is crucial to establish what type of garment the customer desires; it may be a formal long sleeve mandarin collar shirt or a more casual café bar top. Don’t forget Bargear offers complementary his and hers styles in order to kit out the whole team.

Easy care, easy wear 

Staff need to look and feel comfortable in their uniforms. Selected Bargear garments feature Lyrca for added stretch – this ensures free and easy movement. The selection of aprons feature Superwash 60 fabric to enable a 60°c wash which doesn’t effect shape or colour vibrancy – perfect for stubborn stains.

Make it personal

Remind the customer of the types of decoration achievable on each garment. They are focussed on the promotion of their brand, so it should also be at the forefront of your thoughts.

Whether you’re after inspiration or an impressive meeting space for you and your customers, our showroom is the perfect arena.

What to expect:

Over 150 unique styles at your fingertips, allowing you to get up close to every one of our garments.

A large projector, ample seating and access to hot and cold beverages.

Where to find us:

Oakridge Park, Trent Lane, Castle Donington, Derbyshire, DE74 2PY.

Plus free car parking on-site.

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Side seams and tubular are two very different production techniques with notable differences in quality. Keep reading to see how Kustom Kit goes the extra mile to provide superior T-Shirts. 

Side seams

Kustom Kit has built its reputation on superior quality so it will be no surprise to hear that our new Fashion Fit T-Shirts are made with side seams, just like the high-end ones found in retail stores.

Why do we spend the extra time and money on side seams?

Side seams allows the body of the Tee to stay in its classic shape, without any twisting. Partner this with the fashion fit and Superwash 60 and you can be sure that wear after wear, these Tee’s will continue to look as good as they did on day 1.



The alternative is a tubular body. The continuously woven tube means that the torso has no side seams. The result of this cheaper production method is twisting which gives a poorer wearer experience and durability. In addition, the garment will not have any shape to it – a feature that is needed in both male and female styles.

See them in action...

We’ve recently had our entire collection photographed in stunning high definition – and the resultant imagery is now available to download in high and low resolution for each style! With both full length model photography and garment front & back shots, it’s never been easier to boost your marketing collateral with these superb images.

Watch the short tutorial and see how simple it is to download blank garment photography from Kustom Kit product pages! If you need entire collections or model photography, please visit the image downloads page where images are available in both high and low resolution!


April will mark the start of new annual budgets for a lot of companies, allowing them to make purchases such as new staff uniforms.

How can you make the most of this?


Now is the time to get marketing your business to your customers so that you are the first name that comes to mind when they are looking to buy.


Brush up your knowledge on key garments and collections so that you can answer your customer’s questions. For a helping hand, use the Find Your Perfect Shirt tool on the Kustom Kit website to pinpoint the style, colour and fit that your customer wants.


During busy periods the best thing is to keep organised. Try using a diary or calendar and mark on the key dates of your jobs.

Extra sales

It is the perfect opportunity to generate additional sales, especially for add-on garments such as knitwear and jackets. The Arundel Sweaters are the ideal extra layer on top of a shirt, while the Workwear Fleece adds extra warmth to a polo.


Refresh yourself on the Kustom Kit collections here –

Energy, personality and inspiration can be found in every Kustom Kit product video. With a video created for each style – there’s a lot of character you can easily add into your marketing strategies.


Engaging with your customers through videos will show the fit and movement of the garments. By understanding these crucial details before ordering it ensures the customer knows exactly what they’re buying. Plus, they can also inspire purchases. Watching a twenty second video is all it takes to desire that new garment.


Social media:

Many of us now prefer watching videos instead of reading text, so bring garments to life by simply uploading the videos to your social media profiles. Through the power of social media, your videos could then be shared, creating the opportunity for new business.


As all Kustom Kit videos are hosted on Vimeo, it’s easy to copy and paste a small amount of code onto your website in order to display them. This will bring a whole new dimension to your website, which your visitors will thoroughly enjoy.

View all Kustom Kit videos. 

Step by step guide on how to use Kustom Kit videos hosted on Vimeo

How to share a Vimeo video on your social media profile:

1. Visit the Kustom Kit Vimeo channel –
2. Search for the video you would like to share by searching the KK code.
3. Click on the video and navigate to the share button, just underneath the video.
4. Click share and select the social media profile you would like to share it on.
5. You may be prompted to log into your account.
6. You now have the option to add your own text before displaying the video on your profile or if you are happy, click publish!

How to embed a Vimeo video onto your website:

  • Visit the Kustom Kit Vimeo channel –
  • Search for the video you would like publish on your website by searching the KKcode.
  • Click on the video and navigate to the share button, just underneath the video.
  • Click +show options, which will allow you to amend the size and several other features of the video.
  • Refer to the embed code and copy and paste it onto your own site – please note that we are unable to advise on the specific process regarding how to update your own website.