Product videos and how to use them

Energy, personality and inspiration can be found in every Kustom Kit product video. With a video created for each style – there’s a lot of character you can easily add into your marketing strategies.


Engaging with your customers through videos will show the fit and movement of the garments. By understanding these crucial details before ordering it ensures the customer knows exactly what they’re buying. Plus, they can also inspire purchases. Watching a twenty second video is all it takes to desire that new garment.


Social media:

Many of us now prefer watching videos instead of reading text, so bring garments to life by simply uploading the videos to your social media profiles. Through the power of social media, your videos could then be shared, creating the opportunity for new business.


As all Kustom Kit videos are hosted on Vimeo, it’s easy to copy and paste a small amount of code onto your website in order to display them. This will bring a whole new dimension to your website, which your visitors will thoroughly enjoy.

View all Kustom Kit videos. 

Step by step guide on how to use Kustom Kit videos hosted on Vimeo

How to share a Vimeo video on your social media profile:

1. Visit the Kustom Kit Vimeo channel –
2. Search for the video you would like to share by searching the KK code.
3. Click on the video and navigate to the share button, just underneath the video.
4. Click share and select the social media profile you would like to share it on.
5. You may be prompted to log into your account.
6. You now have the option to add your own text before displaying the video on your profile or if you are happy, click publish!

How to embed a Vimeo video onto your website:

  • Visit the Kustom Kit Vimeo channel –
  • Search for the video you would like publish on your website by searching the KKcode.
  • Click on the video and navigate to the share button, just underneath the video.
  • Click +show options, which will allow you to amend the size and several other features of the video.
  • Refer to the embed code and copy and paste it onto your own site – please note that we are unable to advise on the specific process regarding how to update your own website.
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