Why Quality Fabrics Mean Quality Decoration

Quality Decoration Fabrics

Better fabrics make better fabric surfaces, which is why we always use the best raw materials we can. Our technical team develop yarns and fabrics from scratch to ensure the surface is optimised for print decoration.

Whether it’s knitting a T-Shirt slightly tighter to ensure its capable of holding a stitch heavy embroidery or adjusting the twist of a yarn in pique polo so the resulting fabric has just the right amount of surface for print vinyl adhesion, we spend time optimising our fabrics so that you can be sure of the best results.

Quality Decoration

At Kustom Kit we manufacture quality garments that are built to last and this starts with our fabrics. By choosing quality fabrics rather than the cheaper alternatives we ensure:

  • That all our fabrics hold valid Okeo-Tex certificates
  • That our fabrics will wash and wear for longer than cheaper alternatives
  • The raw fibres that shed less microfibres than their cheaper alternatives
  • Fully tested fabrics for bobbling/piling and achieves a good standard
  • All fabrics are colourfast and shrink resistant


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