How to sell into: Large Corporate Businesses

Fit for purpose

Large corporate businesses employ staff for a variety of functions, from office workers to cleaners. This provides a wide scope of opportunities when supplying uniforms. The Kustom Kit collection is the toolbox you need to offer garments suitable for each and every purpose. From premium shirting to classic polos, there is a style for everyone.

Joining the dots

Staff need to look united even if they are wearing different styles.  Complementary male and female styles are an easy way to achieve this. Offering the same colour across all uniforms is also an effective way to create team identity. As Kustom Kit’s colour palette is so varied, offering a selection of garments of the same colour is simple.


Embellishment of the company logo immediately lifts any garment. Be sure to explain all possible decoration techniques to the buyer and together decide on the best method for each styles.

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